Activ8 Sunday

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Activ8 is our Sunday school programme for children aged 0-11 years old, run by a dedicated children’s ministry team. Activ8 runs every Sunday alongside the adult meeting and is packed with fun, games, crafts and new exciting things to learn about God and the Bible.

Activ8 Kids is split into 4 different groups which reflect the school year groups.  The groups are Crèche, Reception/Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6. Each one of the Activate leaders are CRB checked and have attended a child protection training session.

Twice monthly we hold an ‘altogether’ session- Activ8 LARGE, which is run in a similar way to Frantic. All the children from reception to year 6 are in together for a fun packed programme of songs, games, craft, dance and a chance to learn more about God and the Bible.

Activ8 Large is co-orientated by Bentley Greaves and Activ8 Groups by Tollah Joda.