autopilot shadowSo there I was this morning on my way to the Bridge Office, just a couple of minutes away when I got a call on my mobile.  I was supposed to be in South Woodford at a meeting at 9.30am, and as I was a few minutes late they were checking where I was. Had I forgotten? Well yes and no! I hadn’t forgotten that I had planned that meeting, and actually had every intention of going when I got in the car, but here’s the thing; once I started to drive, my mind got caught up on other things and I ended up driving automatically towards the Bridge without thinking about where I was supposed to be going.  Wally

Have you ever done that? I confess I have done this before (its an age thing!), and have even found myself reaching home before realising that us not where I set out to go. It’s easy to do isn’t it? When you do something repeatedly over a long period of time it can easily get programmed into your thinking and consequently your actions. Then, when your mind is not alert you simply default to a familiar well-worn course, without even realising it. For me it wasn’t a big deal of course. I just turned the car round and headed for South Woodford. But for some people, a lack of alertness in life can be disastrous, and rob them of being where God wants them to be

If you live in default mode all the time then you will never be open to new journeys, directions or callings. It’s not that you don’t want to pursue Gods agenda, or that you don’t understand it. The problem is that all the distractions, responsibilities and demands of everyday life cause you to default to the familiar road rather than the walk the new one you are supposed to be on.

We must take care with every journey God calls us to walk. Peter puts it this way in 1 Pet 5:8 Be alert and of sober mind.’  In other words, stay engaged and focused in your mind with what God is leading you towards. Paul says in Col 3:2 that we are to ‘set our minds on things above’. Who does the setting? We do. God will not set your mind for you. Don’t sit back and wait for God to focus your mind for you. You do it. You set it. Then take responsibility to stay sober and alert to all the distractions and cul-de-sac’s that will seek to derail you or side-track you.

The irony is that I was praying in the car this morning, but nonetheless my point is made! Had I kept my mind focussed on the journey this morning then I would have made my meeting in time. The appointment was made and I had every intention of being there but I allowed my mind to disconnect, resulting in me traveling the same journey I do every other morning.

Your life is far too precious to put it on autopilot. Each journey is unique and each twist and turn requires you undivided attention. Stay engaged with every journey and make sure you are headed towards the right place, because that’s where your next collision with destiny lies.

Be blessed