dot 2 dot

Do you remember the ‘dot to dot’ books as a kid? Maybe you still are a kid and still do them!

Open the book and each page was covered with what appeared to be randomly positioned dots with no form or shape. Yet hidden in the dots somewhere was an image of an elephant or a giraffe just waiting to be revealed. The idea of the game, of course, is to reveal the outline of a predetermined shape by connecting the dots in numerical order. At some point as you scribble your pencil over the page the picture emerges and you recognise what it is supposed to be.

The journey of faith is a bit like that too. Rarely does God give us a clear view of the whole picture at one go, and too often our life can appear to be just a mass of dots and numbers that make no sense. However as we commit to join up the dots one step at a time, its not too long before we begin to see the pattern of his will emerge from the page, and understand the picture he is painting on the canvas of our life.

It’s like going a long train journey. Remember, the journey itself is as important as the destination. In fact the destination cannot be reached unless you are prepared to make the journey, even if it passes through difficult or unpleasant places. Every mile you travel, or to put it another way, every dot you connect, is as much an important part of Gods plan for you as the final destination or the finished picture.

Think again about the train for a moment. It can only go where the rails take it, and it can only reach it’s destination if it stays on the tracks. It cannot go anywhere else without de-railing! God has laid down the rail track for your life and has taken care of the destination.

Destiny is not a static place but a dynamic and multi-dimensional journey. There are journeys within journeys, and pictures within pictures, and God is at work at every dot in the picture and every stage of the journey. He is not waiting for you reach your final destination or for the picture to be complete before he uses you or is interested in you.

So trust the journey you are on in God; learn to enjoy, embrace and learn from every inch of it. Even when the visible track disappears out of sight around the side of a mountain or into the heavy mist, just stay on the rails and know that it will reappear at some point. Don’t be anxious about your destination, which may be many miles ahead and well out of sight, when you could be learning from what you see around you right now!

Your destiny is being formed right now….just keep joining the dots together and see the picture emerge before your very eyes!

Be blessed