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What is your Gift?

“At the heart of our vision is a passion to raise up and release an army of men and women, boys and girls who carry both the call and power of the Spirit of God within them, and express the DNA of the church in their world. We are convinced that the world will not be reached by church programmes and strategies but by people. Our passion at The Bridge church is to equip everyone in the church to become an enthusiastic and devoted disciple of Jesus. We want to partner with you to identify your calling so that you can make a significant contribution to the purposes of God in this generation.”

                                                                                                                                        (Chris Scott)  

If you are a Bridge Church Member then please spare us some of your time to answer a few simple questions. The aim of this exercise is to identify where the gifts, talents and experience lie within the church. These are not just spiritual gifts, but practical and professional skills also.

We want to know where our strengths are, so we can hopefully connect the dots and build ministries, outreach initiatives, referral groups or expert teams at the Bridge Church that match your gifting, skills and experience. Our goal is to enable you to get involved in Bridge Church life and for the church to be more fruitful and effective in reaching our communities, friends and personal networks

  • What would you consider to be your areas of Spiritual gifting from God? Below are some of the main spiritual gifts identified in the Bible.