Activ8 Kids

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Activ8 is our children’s ministry which is committed to the development of children, not only those within the Bridge Church, but those in the local community and internationally!  

We have thriving Sunday morning programmes called ‘Activ8 groups’ and ‘Activ8 Large’, and a community children’s club called Frantic.  We also participate in annual summer camps in the UK and have been part of mission trips to Brezno Slovakia where we work with gypsy families in the community.  

We are passionate about introducing children and their families to Jesus and to growing mature young people who are sold out for God.


Créche gives parents the opportunity to enjoy church service without having to be concerned with looking after their children. It provides a safe environment for children up to the age of 3, with a dedicated team of helpers to look after the kids and begin the process of teaching them stories from the Bible.