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[column width="450px" padding="10px"]Thank you to the many people who have fed back to me about the significance of Sundays message for them. Of course the decision to ‘surrender your agenda’ to God in every situation is easier said than done, and any genuine desire to do so will require great sacrifice and humility. It will eject us from our comfort zones, challenge our familiar practices and confront our personal preferences but I do believe it will be more than worth it! It will create unprecedented opportunities for us to experience the power of Gods will at work unhindered in our life…. I wonder what would that look like?[/column][column width="450px" padding="10px"]My question is simple. How is it possible for Gods will to be done on earth if we resist it being done in our own personal lives? It’s true of course, that God is all-powerful and in the end he will have his way, but lets be honest, it’s a bit of a cop out to separate the fulfilment of Gods will at some grand and global level from our own personal responsibility to be part of it. We are not called to be spectators and commentators of his will but rather to be participators and accomplishers of it. Make no mistake, his plan and purpose for our planet is inextricably linked in some way to the sum total of our surrender to his will in our own personal lives. When we think of it that way it becomes a huge deal, doesn’t it?[/column][end_columns]

What is the fulfilment of Gods will if it is not the collective obedience of Gods people? You may not be directly responsible for some climactic global decision that brings consummation to the eternal destiny of the world, but (and it’s a huge but!) when you surrender your personal agenda to God, you add another brush stroke to the overall masterpiece of Gods will being done on the earth. This is why it is so much more than just about whether you make a few good choices in your life or not. Don’t reduce this to just a private issue or be concerned with how it affects your future alone. Your personal surrender to Gods purpose in everyday living is significant in the overall implementation of Gods agenda for his creation.