Missions Abroad

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We have a desire to be a community church in every way both globally and locally. We are currently involved in a number of projects and missions both in the UK and abroad, and our desire is to be even more effective and extensive in the future.

Our aim is to support Christian workers or be involved in resourcing mission in every continent. We are currently involved in projects and mission work in Uganda, Brazil, Philippines, Slovakia and we support leadership and missions training in Africa and India.

We regularly take on teams on mission to Slovakia and have also taken a team of young people to Mumbai, India to work in the schools and local communities there.

We have more recently got involved with Compassion UK which now oversees 1.4m peer to peer sponsorship programmes worldwide. We are in the process of setting up support for a childrens centre in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Philippines 2016

In Dec 2016 Chris and Eddie (our missions co-ordinator) visited three islands in the Philippines, Cebu, Capotes and Bohol. We have been longtime supporters of MAD international which works tirelessly to plant churches and build orphanages and school. 2016 was the 15th anniversary of the work there.

India (Thane, Mumbai) 2017

Our Kids Pastor Dawn and our kids worker Dave went to Mumbai in Jan 2017 to work with one of our partner churches (CBC) in Thane. They worked for two weeks with the kids school called Jeevan Asha which serves the kids in the three main slum areas around the church.

Slovakia (Partizanske) 2017

Our Youth Pastor Stewart and our Kids Pastor Dawn led a team of 10 young people to Partizanske, Slovakia in April 2017. They took English lessons in the local schools and worked with our partner church to connect with the young people in the community.

Ethiopia 2017

Back in 2013 Chris and Usha Scott joined a delegation of leaders from Compassion UK on a trip to Ethiopia to see first hand the amazing life transforming work they do in the most destitute places in Ethiopia.  As a result the Bridge Church has around 60 peer to peer child sponsors, 90% of which are in the Addis Ababa area. In June 2017 they visited again together with a team from the church, to see the work we are involved with there, and to meet some of the sponsored children and host churches.